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Meeting art is an experience that is fascinating and challenging as well, if the approach to it aims to be regardless of the awareness that the man should have of himself in universe; because, figurative or conceptual that is its manifestation, Art comes from man, who is all together nature, chemistry, biological organism and moral conscience, soul, religion, science and art.

Mentioning Aristotle’s “Metaphisics”, “nature is the substance of those things which have a principle of motion in themselves”: each natural thing has itself the immanent principle that leads it to realize its own essence, according to a conception of finality based on the sense of the becoming of the whole, at the goal of its movement.

How can we therefore not grasp the beauty of a raw material evolution which from the tears of its awakening becomes pulp in maturity and then juice that gladdens and returns to man, to depict the marvelous cyclical nature of being and doing?

To concretize this in a language that is not written but easily understandable the indissoluble bond between this nature and art, where the common element is the presence of the man in all his essence and hardworking. Marco Tessariol decided to associate its work to the Orler Auction House, to make it the jewel of the Farm production, creating with the Glera grapes unique pieces that makes wine to embrace artistic works of modern artists, with the aim to realize unrepeatable pieces for the passionate art collectors.

It comes from a project that starts in the territory – that is strongly vocated to the “Prosecco” grape, now called “Glera” – and it is dedicated to the production of high quality grapes, obtained thanks to passion and dedication that are the main features of the Farm, starting from the cultivation of the vineyard, and also from the information and precious advice of skilled agrotechnicians.

This Product is selected and collected in the most appropriate moment, when there are the best elements for the production of high quality white wine. Then, modern winemaking techniques, together with the winemakers and wine technicians competences who follow the process with great attention to what happens in pressured-tanks, that lead to the production of an excellent wine, in harmony with the preciousness and the great value of each prestigious piece of work it is associated with.

The realization of the Orler Collection bottles is a matter of pride for the Farm and is a continuous thrust for perfectionism of the extraordinary raw material gifted by Nature, in each and every moment of the production.

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Private Label

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